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to the battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio. he attacked president barack obama accusing him of running a campaign that offers little new policy. >> he is trying to distract people. he is trying to distort our record. he is trying to hope that you don't pay attention to the reality in front of us so that he can win this election by default. >> reporter: a new romney ad continues the theme. it argues the president offers more of the same on debt, healthcare, taxes, energy and medicare. >> five reasons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. >> reporter: in florida, vice president joe biden says the obama administration deserves another four years. >> america's not in decline. america's is coming back! and we're not going back. >> reporter: as biden listed the ways he thinks romney's policies will hurt americans, a baby in the audience started crying. [ laughter ] >> i don't blame that baby for crying. that baby knows what's in store for him or her if romney wins. >> reporter: with biden seeking votes, the president is at camp david cramming for monday's debate where foreign poli
on fire. the odd events that led an office to shoot and kill one of the men. >>> president barack obama and mitt romney are getting ready for their final debate, a little over 24 hours from now. >>> and crews are not finished with their work on the san mateo bridge. but a good sign they are way, way ahead of schedule. >>> good evening. a bizarre chain of events that tarted at 1:30 -- started at one time time 30 this morning when reports came in that two men came in arguing -- 1:30 this morning when reports came in that two men came in arguing and then a bizarre string of events. >> in the end, three birds decapitated and a man who lived here was shot and killed by the police. >> last night was a bizarre event. >> reporter: the police got reports of someone breaking windows in when they got here, they found two naked men in their late 20s who appeared to be hallucinating. >> it is like a nightmare. your next door neighbor turns into a crazy person. >> reporter: when the police confronted one of the men they say he pointed a rifle at them so the police shot him. he died soon after. the
voting today. president obama was in another swing state, new hampshire. >> reporter: mitt romney traveled to florida, the biggest battlegrounds state to lock down its 29 electoral votes. >> i need your help, we need to win this. we're taking back america. >> reporter: early voting started in the state saturday. and the romney campaign is pushing supporters to cast their ballots now. with polls showing a tight race, romney hopes to keep his momentum going to election day. >> the supporters of the president have this chance, they do four more years, i like ten more days a lot better you know what? [ laughter ] >> reporter: in new hampshire, president barack obama once again heard the four more years. [ people chanting ] and he too talked about ten more days. >> ten days and you'll be stepping into a voting booth, and making is defining choice about the future of our country. >> reporter: new hampshire is the smallest battleground state with just four electoral votes with the way the race is shaping up, those votes could make a difference. >> new hampshire, i still believe in you. i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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